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Mission and people

ICF is a warm, multicultural community. As Christians, we are open to people of every religion and culture.

  • Core values
  • God central
  • Unanimity
  • Missionary


The mission of ICF is to follow Jesus with people from all nations. With people from all parts of the world we want to really practice what Jesus said. Our desire is for more and more people to get to know him. In that respect, ICF is never finished.

Want to know more or do you have questions? Mail us. Usually you get an answer within a day.

Misie van ICF Apeldoorn

Our people

Frida Pol

Frida Pol

Coordinates in the neighborhood, with a heart for education.

Paul Zamba

Paul Zamba

Has the friendliest smile of all ICF.

Martin Pelamonia

Martin Pelamonia

Plays bass guitar, likes to hep others.


Znoed Azad

Is hospitable and spontaneous, translates Arabic.

Marco Vos

Marco Vos

Knows many different cultures.


Arie Stout

Is always supportive, ensures that everything is ready.

+100 super nice people from 25 different countries

Kom koffie drinken

Have a cup of tea

Strengthen each other: At ICF we are building a loving community of people from different cultures, to help them follow Jesus. As a community, we are constantly developing and longing for growth in depth and numbers.

Would you like to know more or do you have questions? Mail us.